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Meeting A Good (Internet) Friend – For The First Time

I met a good friend for lunch today. She’s the sweetest person, and I’ve known her for a couple of years now. But today was the first time we’ve ever met in person. It was […]


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How Much Does Your Boss Care About What’s In Your Social Media Posts?

We often hear that it’s a good thing to clean up your Facebook, Twitter, etc. profiles so you look professional in the workplace – whether you already have a job or if you’re looking for […]


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Our Tech Versus Our Kids Tech: A Hilarious Comparison

I’m that person who stands in front of the microwave waiting for my food to heat and telling it to “hurry up”. It’s times like that when I realize just how freakin’ spoiled we’ve become […]


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Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram, Posts Metaphor For First Picture

See what she did there with that metaphor???


And The Nominees For The Shorty Awards Are…

…the *what* Awards, you ask? If you’re not familiar, allow me to fill you in – the Shorty Awards honor the best providers of social media content, in fields ranging from Arts & Entertainment (people […]


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WTF Is Going On With This Bizarre Dave Coulier Fan Page?

What is going on here?


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If One Of These Is Your Password To Something, Change It Now

Do any of these look a little too familiar?


Kayaking in the flooded Healdsburg Safeway parking lot, December 11th, 2014

What Your Storm Hashtag Says About You #HellaStorm #Stormageddon #BayAreaStorm #Stormpocalypse #Rainpocalypse #Stormzilla #WeatherBomb

Along with inches of rain, widespread flooding, and city-wide power outages, this week’s big storm brought with it a deluge of storm related hashtags on Twitter. Using our own very scientific (no science has come anywhere near this article) we’ve come up with what your storm hashtag says about you.