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If One Of These Is Your Password To Something, Change It Now

Do any of these look a little too familiar?


Kayaking in the flooded Healdsburg Safeway parking lot, December 11th, 2014

What Your Storm Hashtag Says About You #HellaStorm #Stormageddon #BayAreaStorm #Stormpocalypse #Rainpocalypse #Stormzilla #WeatherBomb

Along with inches of rain, widespread flooding, and city-wide power outages, this week’s big storm brought with it a deluge of storm related hashtags on Twitter. Using our own very scientific (no science has come anywhere near this article) we’ve come up with what your storm hashtag says about you.



Disneyland Is Officially The Most Instagrammed Location On Earth

You know you’ve done it!


Star Wars Stormtroopers (credit: CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

Disney/Lucasfilm Reveal Official Title To Star Wars: Episode VII

The 7th installment of George Lucas’ epic saga has an official title…


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114-Year-Old Woman Forced To Lie About Her Age To Join Facebook

“I’m still here.”


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9 Of The Harshest Tweets About Roger Goodell’s Press Conference On NFL Domestic Violence

If the rest of the world reacts to Roger Godell’s abuse mea culpa the way Twitter did Friday, the NFL’s commissioner is going to have a hard time keeping his job.


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Facebook Is Testing Out New ‘Satire’ Tag in News Feed

Do you mean Steven Spielberg didn’t really kill that dinosaur?


Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in the new movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" (credit: Focus Features)

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Preview Debuts on Facebook

VIDEO: The highly anticipated trailer of “Fifty Shades” has released on social media…


Michael Alvarado, Jayn and Carissa Alvarado of "Us The Duo" at Alice's Summerthing 2014 (credit: Alice@97.3)

Backstage with Us The Duo & Jayn at Alice’s Summerthing 2014

VIDEO: Performing in front of their biggest crowd yet, “Us The Duo” spoke to Jayn about being the social media story of 2014…




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