Mom Apologizes For Her Teens’ Behavior And Goes Viral

Every parent has been in that situation where your kid is having a meltdown somewhere (a fairly quiet restaurant seems to be a favorite in our household) and you ARE MORTIFIED. You don’t want to […]


Facebook Reaches Out To Prevent Suicide

If you know someone with a dark sense of humor, it’s possible that they make “jokes” about suicide. How do you know if they really need help or are just kidding? Now Facebook is doing […]


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WTF Is Going On With This Bizarre Dave Coulier Fan Page?

What is going on here?


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Watch: Brent Weinbach Directs ‘Early Facebook Commercial’

If “The Facebook” existed in the ’90s…


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Move Over Oprah CEO Mark Zuckerberg Starts Facebook Book Club And Sends Book Choice Sales Soaring

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has taken a page out Oprah Winfrey’s book and has launched his own Facebook Book Club. The club located on a Facebook page called “A Year of Books” and has already amassed almost 150,000 like in just a few days.


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Here Are The Songs People Discussed On Facebook The Most This Year

Ahem: The year in review.


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Creed Front Man Scott Stapp Reveals He Is “Completely Penniless” In New Video

“A lot of money was stolen from me, or royalties not paid.”


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Mark Zuckerberg And Six Other Guys Who Wear The Same Thing Every Day

Zuck reveals the secret behind his grey shirt uniform.