April 23


Sarah And Vinnie’s Secret Show Podcast: 04.23.2013

Our thoughts about broccoli, Jill and Mary (Producers of the day) join us for the show and share a little bit of personal info, and bad advice: a marriage on the rocks due to cross-dressing, and a 44 year old man who needs to get his feet wet in the dating game!



Sarah And Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast: 04.23.2013

Sarah And Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast: 04.23.2013 Today on Sarah and Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast: 6-7am – Snoop Lion’s thoughts on Gun Control and Miley Cyrus’ relationship, Richie Havens dies at 72, how people like their […]



Sarah And Vinnie’s Lost 30 Podcast: 04.23.2013

Today’s Lost 30 … What Sarah does with her lemon tree, what’s next for Vinnie’s new house, exercising, and yesterday’s hot weather! Click Here to download. (Right click on PC, Control key and click on Mac.



The Secret Show Podcast (04.23.2012)

This is quite possibly the grossest show we have ever recorded. We have received a request for some “Bad Advice” that has us stumped! It’s Sarah & Vinnie’s Secret Show Podcast from FRIDAY April 20th, 2012!



Sarah & Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast (04.23.2012)

The amazing houses that Hollywood money can buy you, Kim and Kanye may be a legitimate couple, and the formula for the perfect man has finally been discovered! All this and more on Sarah & Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast from Monday April 23rd, 2012!



The Lost 30 Podcast (04.23.2012)

Vinnie shaved his playoff beard much to the girls shagrin, Hooman visits Sarah’s house party, and Sarah’s weekend with her parents on Sarah & Vinnie’s Lost 30 Podcast from Monday April 23rd, 2012!