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Video: Mat Kearney Reveals His Pre-Show Dance Moves To Krems At Alice’s Summerthing!

Find out what Mat Kearney does before a show and what gift Krems got him backstage at Alice’s Summerthing 2015!



Video: Mat Kearney Takes In San Francisco With Jayn At Summerthing 2015!

Mat Kearney paints a picture for Jayn on what he does when he’s in the Bay Area. Plus find out which social media app Mat is obsessed with and how he met Rachel & Kelly!


See pictures of Mat Kearney at Alice's Summerthing 2015 in Golden Gate Park on June 28, 2015. (Photo: Marc Fong)

Photos: Mat Kearney At Alice’s Summerthing 2015

See pictures of Mat Kearney at Alice’s Summerthing 2015 in Golden Gate Park on June 28, 2015.



Alice’s Summerthing 2015: Set Times

Alice’s Summerthing 2015 is coming Sunday, June 28th in Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park! Now plan your day of FREE music in the park with the approximate set times.


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Watch: Summerthing 2015 Lineup Announcement

Sarah & Vinnie announced this year’s Summerthing Lineup this morning! Check it!



Alice’s Summerthing 2015: General Info

Alice’s Summerthing – our annual FREE concert in Golden Gate Park – is Sunday, June 28th from Noon to around 4:00 in Sharon Meadow.


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Alice’s Summerthing 2015: Mat Kearney

Learn all about Mat Kearney before he performs at Alice’s Summerthing 2015 on Sunday, June 28th in Golden Gate Park.


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Mat Kearney Stops By On His Way To The Warfield

When he’s not writing insanely-catchy-perfect-pop-songs, Mat Kearney is busy being the coolest nicest sweetest cutest guy. Like, ever.


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Mat Kearney’s New Album ‘Just Kids’ Revisits His Hip-Hop Side

Best known for pop hits like “Nothing Left to Lose,” Kearney revisits hip-hop influences on his new album ‘Just Kids.’


Mat Kearney (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Mat Kearney On ‘Ships In The Night’ And PMS

“PMS is no joke man,” Mat Kearney said during an interview with Mix 96.5/Houston.