Graffiti6 at Alice's Summerthing (Photo by Steve Wyrostok)

Photos: Graffit6 At Summerthing 2012

Show and behind-the-scenes photos of Graffiti6 at Alice’s Summerthing 2012.


Graffiti6 (Photo by Shannon Johnson)

Graffiti6 On Pop Music, Having His Music Covered By One Direction

Graffiti6’s Jamie Scott takes great pleasure in the fact that he can write for a wide range of artists in the music world. Having collaborated with everyone from One Direction to Enrique Iglesias, Scott admitted […]


Graffiti6 (Courtesy Capitol Records)

Alice’s Summerthing 2012: Graffiti6

Yet another great artist has been added to Alice’s Summerthing 2012 – Britain’s Graffiti6! They will be joining the Adam Lambert, Scars On 45, and Vicci Martinez for the June 24th FREE concert. Graffiti6’s album […]


Graffiti6 (Courtesy of EMI)

Graffiti6 On Writing Songs About Girls

Songwriting is often so personal and many artists liken it to writing in their diary. Graffiti6’s Jamie Scott told CBS Local that he waits to write a song until he feels something.


Graffiti6 (Courtesy of EMI)

Graffiti6’s Jamie Scott On Working With One Direction

Singer-songwriter Jamie Scott has been making music for years as a solo artist and current project, Graffiti6 with friend and producer Tommy D. In addition to writing his own material, Scott co-writes with a wide range of artists ranging from Enrique Iglesias to One Direction.