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Disney's Cinderella

Cate Blanchett, Supreme Badass, Shuts Down Idiot Reporter

First of all, let’s talk about how much we loved Cinderella.  I never wanted that thing to end! Second, let’s talk about how badass Cate Blanchett is in real life. My woman does not suffer […]


(Photo by RJ O'Shaughnessy/Columbia Records)

The Funniest Tweets About Zayn Leaving 1D

As soon as news broke that he had left the tour, Directioners pretty much knew it was over… Today Zayn officially left One Direction. Twitter’s reaction was swift.  Read the best reactions here! <3  Jayn


StubHub's Next Stage Featuring Walk The Moon Benefiting The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation

89 Dance Sequences / Walk The Moon “Shut Up And Dance” Supercut

Just when you thought you couldn’t love “Shut Up and Dance” anymore…. Someone put together 89 of the best movie-dance-sequences EVER synched perfectly to the track. I kept yelling out the movie names but some […]



John Stamos Says Women Have Asked Him For WHAT After Sex?!

John Stamos was interviewed for a book called “How to **** a Woman” (every part of this sentence makes me happy) and the things he said were nothing short of spectacular. So let’s all visualize […]



This Sports Anchor Blows Up Everything Wrong With The NFL In 3 Minutes

I love this man. His name is Dale Hansen. In three minutes and seven seconds, he says every single thing I’d like to say to any NFL exec involved in deals like the Cowboys’ acquisition. […]



Help Get This Film – About What The Future Means For Teens With Autism – Made!

So, full disclosure,  the woman making this film was my best friend in high school!  (And she needs our help by 4pm tomorrow!) She and I met at a high school for American kids in […]


Bicycle Commuters (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Alice Is Looking For a Commute Hero!

Win a $1000 Clipper Card and Bottle Rock Music Festival tickets from Alice and the Spare the Air Program!


Photo by Getty Images

Tom Hanks = Los Altos Girl Scouts’ Best Friend

Tom Hanks is hell-bent on solidifying his rep as the Supreme Hero Of All Humans / World’s Nicest Man. One step on his way towards sainthood was in Los Altos last month, where he was […]


Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg Is Gonna Host The Emmys!

I think we can all agree that Andy Samberg is the greatest  (the fact that he’s from Berkeley just kinda seals the deal) and clearly the Emmy people are in too… Not only has he […]



The Frozen Sequel Is On The Way!

Of course we knew it was going to happen but we hadn’t heard officially yet… until today! Here’s the press release: It’s of-f-f-f-f-icial: “Frozen 2” is in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios with directors […]