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Nature’s Coolest Mating Rituals: Mobula Ray

The Mobula Ray shows you the cool way to make a splash in front of your potential dream mate.

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Throwback Thursday: Yosemite Valley Edition

As my friend, Ashley, says, “That looks fake.” She’s right. It looks like I’m standing in front of an artist’s rendering of some magnificent place that could only exist in the imagination. But no. El […]



DIY Wednesday: Paper Flowers

These pretty, paper flowers look like peonies, and make a cheerful, springtimey centerpiece. Or make the extra large version and hang them for party decorations. They’re easy to make and the supplies are cheap. The […]


The Autumn Deer Rut In London's Richmond Park

Baby Deer Wants A Belly Rub

You know those dogs who, once you start petting them, refuse to let you stop petting them? Well, apparently, there are some deer that pull that crap too.



ThrowBack Thursday: Mullett Edition

Me and my mullett sitting by a waterfall in the woods. I’m 17 in this photo. It was taken in Glen Helen Nature Preserve, one of my favorite places to hang out when I was […]



Be The Match Bone Marrow Donation

A long time listener contacted us with a plea for help finding a bone marrow donor for her  little cousin, Bella, who is battling leukemia.


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Video: Baby Elephant Takes A Bath

Let’s start our Monday off with something adorable, shall we? Look at this adorable, baby elephant getting his bath on. He’s waggin’ his tail the whole time. Squeeeee!  .  


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Friday Fuzzy: Swimming Puppies

A litter of creamy, little, Labrador retriever puppies is cute enough, but set them up with their very first time swimming and you have Friday fuzzy gold.



ThrowBack Thursday: Mother’s Day 2015 Edition

This is a picture of my mom and I on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. I think it was 2000, or 2001. When we walked out onto the span she kept looking up […]


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Video: This Owl Is A Terrible Friend

Yes, it’s an owl, not a human being, but this owl knew exactly what he was doing.