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Throwback Thursday: Rockstars Edition

Dave Matthews 2002. My favorite interview ever. I was told Dave could sometimes be a little surly, so I was nervous. The interview was taking place in front of a studio audience so if it […]



DIY Wednesday: Origami Butterfly

Today’s DIY Wednesday project is a super simple origami butterfly that you can use for art projects, mobiles, or gift toppers. These are cute and versatile, and so easy to make you’ll probably adopt a […]



Life’s Great Mysteries

Long ago, when my husband and I lived in North Beach, we would receive a gift from a secret Santa every year at Christmas time. It was always dropped through our mail slot in the […]



Jon Snow At A Dinner Party

I love Jon Snow. I love that he’s an honorable man of the night’s watch. I love that there’s a great mystery surrounding the identity of his mother. I love that he stands up to […]



Game of Thrones Season 5

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! It’s finally here! Game Of Thrones on HBO returns Sunday night with season 5. As you can see from the photo, someone is super excited about it. I’ll be binge watching season […]



Throwback Thursday: Crosswords Are Hard Edition

Today’s Throwback Thursday was snapped during my Redhead phase. It was a pretty long phase actually, it might even qualify as an era or an epoch. I’m pretty sure this was taken in 1992. I […]



DIY Wednesday: Marble Painting

Here’s a super easy abstract art project to do with the kids. You can choose to apply one color at a time, or you can throw all the marbles in at the same time. You […]



Gretchen Reads: Where’d You Go, Bernadette

Once upon a time Bernadette Fox was a MacArthur grant winner, living in Los Angeles in an architectural masterpiece of her own creation. Then she disappeared. Now Bernadette’s in Seattle, a city she loathes, full […]


White-handed gibbon (Hylobates lar)

Gibbon Walks A Tightrope

This is ridiculously cute. Sure, he could jump down on the wooden planks and cross the bridge like a normal primate, but where’s the fun in that? Thank you, funny little gibbon for being so […]


Marshmallow Peeps

2015 Peeps Diorama Winners

Every year around Easter The Washington Post holds their Peeps Diorama contest. As a big fan of the Peeps (I like to eat them stale; yeah, I know, I’m weird.) I love to check out […]