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One Comment

  1. Jeannine says:

    Any chance we might get the podcast or video of this interview??? It was a great one!

    1. Webmaster says:

      Podcast will be ready around noon. Stay tuned.

  2. Carla says:

    Adam is so handsome! And smart! And talented! Love him!

  3. Not only can he sing but his radio voice is smooth and sexy too.

  4. Muraya Ranieri says:

    It should have been ME! Darn it! (-: Next time..

  5. Great interview with Adam Lambert!! Thank you so much!!

  6. NENE says:

    And so it begins again. All that hard work and maintaining perfect smiles for m&g cameras thousands of times. Being “on” all the time and delivering the message. Wow.

  7. Terry Simmons says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures of Adam in the studio and the Meet and Greet! I tried calling in for that but just couldn’t get through! Oh well, I am so excited for everyone who was able to meet Adam up close and personal! I am hoping one day to get that opportunity myself! The pictures were great and Adam is looking HOT HOT HOT as always!!! Never get tired of looking at him or listening to his awesome voice!!! Loved the interview as well! You guys rock!

  8. arran1213 says:

    Really great, fun interview! Thank you guys so much, and as an Adam fan, thanks for being first to play his new single which I love!

  9. Adam Lambert is so loved by his fans.His voice and stage presence is what attracted us. It’s his beautiful spirit and genuineness that keeps us.He’s just so likable and fun. He’s a trend setter, not a follower. Thanks for this fun interview. His new single, Better Than I Know Myself is just a taste of the Adam storm that’s to come!

  10. Selu says:

    Thank you for the Adam Lambert interview!

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