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Sarah And Vinnie's Classic Secret Show Podcast: 7.29.2016Secret Show Podcast from Friday, October 23rd, 2012! Sarah and Hooman think of songs (while they give their own renditions) she could play for her big performance next week, and an email from a listener who agrees with Sarah’s premeditated killing thoughts!
Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 7.29.2016The DNC, Lindsay Lohan's alleged pregnancy, a new reality show called "Kiss, Bang, Love", skydiver working with a net and no parachute for the first time ever, and funny things people google!
Sarah And Vinnie’s Lost 30 Podcast: 7.29.2016Dancing to Van Halen, boob movement, and the inspirations speeches at the DNC!
Sarah And Vinnie's Secret Show Podcast: 7.28.2016Tech talk, a couple updates: the jealous boyfriend, and the online date that didn't workout! Being in recovery, and how to dirty talk!
Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 7.28.2016Matt Damon tells an amazing story about Prince, we play a game of true or false, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman pulls a Tom Brady, one of the Bay Area's Finest Reporters: Mike Sugerman joins us in studio, Vinnie reads your contributions via text(25423), and the 'Jason Bourne' Movie Review'!
Sarah And Vinnie’s Lost 30 Podcast: 7.28.2016Jayn left Vinnie a note, yesterday's interview with Patrick Monahan from Train, politics, and Sarah's family!
Uzie Reviewzies On The Scrub Daddy!Today the Scrub Daddy came up on the Sarah and Vinnie Morning show!
WATCH: New "Gilmore Girls" Clip! (SQUEEE)Check out the clip and get the Netflix dates!
Sarah And Vinnie's Classic Secret Show Podcast: 7.27.2016Secret Show Podcast for October 18th, 2012! Marcus joins today’s Secret Show and murder talk ensues. Plus Hooman really holds a grudge and a listener writes in about a possible relationship!
Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 7.27.2016What Randy Quaid is up to, Apple buys James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke”, Lindsay Lohan reportedly not breaking up with fiancé, John Hinckley Jr. (who shot president reagan)to be released after thirty-five years, more on the Rio Olympics, and a few fast facts!

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