Throwback Thursday: Rockstars Edition

davegretch Throwback Thursday: Rockstars Edition

Dave Matthews 2002. My favorite interview ever.

I was told Dave could sometimes be a little surly, so I was nervous. The interview was taking place in front of a studio audience so if it all went ka-blooey – if Dave made me cry, if he didn’t like me, if I got the flop sweats – it would happen LIVE in front of a crowd of listeners who were hardcore Dave Matthews fans.

Dave showed up with a bottle of bourbon and a tea cup. My anxiety grew. He took out a pack of cigarettes and lit up, smoking directly under a fire sprinkler. The auditory hallucinations began. “Hide in your locker,” the voices told me. “Throw yourself down the stairs. Fake a heart attack. Do whatever you have to do, woman, but get the heck out of here before they turn the mics on!”  Luckily, for me the voices had it wrong (for once; usually their advice is pretty solid.)

There was no disaster. The fire sprinklers hadn’t gone off, and the Interview Juice had worked its magic. Dave was great. He was warm and charming and funny. He told some road stories and some new dad stories, and by the end of the interview we all felt like old pals.

He was even clowning around when we took this photo, insisting we needed to look very serious. Then saying things to make me laugh.

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