Sunday Magazine With Liz Saint John 08.31.2014

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Earthjustice bears
liz4x3-02 Liz Saint John
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Liz Saint John interviews three guests every Sunday morning covering a variety of issues and topics. She talks with representatives from Bay Area non-profit organizations, documentary filmmakers, authors, and professors.

1. Jeff Bell, KCBS afternoon news anchor, spokesperson for the International OCD Foundation, and author of Rewind, Replay, Repeat and When in Doubt, Make Belief, talks about A2A Alliance, a non-profit organization he co-founded with the mission of taking  adversity and turning into advocacy.

2. Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen explains how and why the environmental organization got started, how their team of lawyers take cases to stop polluters and climate change, promote clean energy, and fight on behalf of  the environment.

3. Writer Joshua Wolf Shenk talks about great collaborations throughout history and explains why two people working together are far more creative than lone wolf creators. He explains that there are three types of creative pairs: overt, distinct, and asymmetrical.

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