BART Unveils New App To Report Crime In-Progress, Might Ignore You Anyway

BART, we feel for you to a certain extent, and we know you have our best interests at heart. Sometimes people get harassed, mugged, or attacked on your trains and you want to prevent that. That’s admirable.

So while the “BART Watch” app is welcome, it’s also well overdue.

Today, BART released their new “BART Watch”, an app designed to be a discreet way to report crime-in-action. Users ideally are able to alert authorities via texting a description, snapping a photo (non-flash, as Officer Fairow proudly reports) or calling using the app’s one-touch feature. Then the user decides which category to report the incident in progress to, including vandalism, unattended bag, theft, and so on.

Finally an officer will manifest him or her self (like they do in “Star Trek“, I imagine) or “report to the appropriate person,” since that sounds promising.

Let’s just hope it works better than their spotty wi-fi.



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