High Tech Industry Dominates The Highest Paid Job In 2014

By Bradford Hornsby

It may come as no surprise that a list of the highest paid jobs in 2014 is dominated by jobs that are prominent in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Some of the top jobs are pretty common like financial analyst or physical therapist while some are more exotic like petroleum engineer but many fall into the high tech realm.

According to ChaCha.com, the top paying list include software developers, web developers, logisticians, database administrators, and information security analysts. The median hourly earnings from these jobs range from $27.84 (web developers) up to $45.06 (software developer).

Median hourly earnings:

Web Developers: $27.84
Logisticians: $35.08
Database Administrators: $37.39
Information Security Analysts: $41.62
Software Developers (Applications and Systems Software): $45.06

Read the full list with details on earnings and minimum education at ChaCha.com.

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