Day Two At Beaches Ocho Rios!

Day two at Beaches Ocho Rios!

Still on the heavenly eat, drink, swim, repeat kinda schedule! Today Jayn chatted with Richard Moss from Island Routes which is the AWESOME company that took us out on a catamaran excursion the other day. Now I’m a water lover and have been on my fair share of boats…but this water toy was like no other! We rode across the crazy see-through waters by Dunn’s River Falls, the legendary Bob Marley was blasting through the speakers and the Island Routes staff taught us some Jamaican dance moves that I completely butchered. Ha! And let‘s be real here…I wasn‘t complaining about the delicious umbrella drinks they were serving either! The best part of the cruise was on the way back when the catamaran was going against the wind and the waves were insane! Everyone was getting soaked and having the best time… I didn’t even care that my hair and cell were getting drenched…I have literally adopted the “no problem” mentality around here and I’m totally ok with it!

Another thing happening a lot around here is eating! The food here is fab and there’s something for everyone! Last night Jayn and I ate at the Bayside Buffet and it was SOOO good! I’m not ashamed to say I went back for seconds and wish I went back for thirds! They have 7 different restaurants…so lots of opportunities to indulge in some Jamaican goodness…

Alright guys…it’s the last night at Beaches Ocho Rios. I seriously can’t believe how fast this went by. You’ll find us at a beach party with Jamaican fire dancers…I mean…that’s hot…literally!


Interview with Richard Moss from Island Routes

richard2 Day Two At Beaches Ocho Rios!
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