Giants Minor Leaguers Prank Teammate With Live Chicken In Locker

By Bradford Hornsby

Giants minor leagues players pranked a teammate by hiding a live chicken in his locker and the reaction is priceless.

You may remember a few weeks back we saw former Giants player Jeff Francoeur was tricked into thinking a teammate was deaf … for an entire month.

This prank may not be quite as intricate but ask yourself one simple question – where would you get a live chicken?!

According to a tweet by pitcher Shane Loux, they got the chicken on Craiglist!

“@snoopet: @shaneloux Hm where do you get the chickens?” I believe it was craigslist

The entire thing just reminds me of the classic scene in “Bull Durham” (NSFW).

You can not see the chicken in the video, pitcher Shane Loux was nice enough to provide a picture in his Twitter feed.

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