Alice DJs New Year’s Resolutions

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It is a new year and we asked a few of our favorite Alice DJs what their New Year’s resolutions are.

Sarah – Sarah and Vinnie Show
I resolve this year to make as many crafts as possible. I’m going to start making duct tape wallets. Who doesn’t want a duct tape wallet? I mean, come on!!!

Uzette – Sarah and Vinnie Show
I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions-maybe I’m afraid of disappointing myself. However this year-I resolve to going to see more films. Anyone that knows me-knows I hate going to the movies-the crowds, the terrible seats and the darkness! I need to keep current and learn to just enjoy the experience of losing myself in the film.

Hooman – Sarah and Vinnie Show
– To get OLIVE distributed
– To run the Boston Marathon
– To start shooting my next film
– To stop looking directly into the looking glass so much
– To get a 4 pack (maybe a 6 pack)
– To stop worrying so much

Vanessa – Sarah and Vinnie Show
The Biggest Loser is starting in the CBS building in January where all participants buy in and the person who loses the most weight takes home the jackpot. I am determined to be the winner that takes it all home this time around and get healthier in the process.

Jayn – Weekdays 10am – 3pm
My New Year’s Resolution is to keep draggin’ my ass outta bed crazy-early to work out, whether or not there was a show (and/or cocktails) the night before … it’s a lot easier to get up at 4:50am if you tell everyone about it, ’cause it builds in peer pressure (because everyone who knows about it keeps asking “are you still getting up crazy-early to work out?” and it would suck to say “no”) …

Gretchen – Nights and Weekend
Finish my novel. It’s been my New Year’s Resolution since age 7.

Katie Mason – Nights and Weekend
These aren’t so much resolutions that kick in at the start of a new year but rather constant year-round efforts for me:
1. I will not be ashamed to put my own priorities first, because if I don’t take good care of myself then I won’t be at my best to help others.
2. I will do my best to eat real, healthy food – about 90 percent of the time. The rest of the time I won’t feel guilty about treating myself to a great cheeseburger or some fabulous wine so I won’t feel deprived.
3. I will limit my TV and computer time unless I have a specific purpose in mind. (This is a tough one for me – I can get sucked into Facebook for hours!)

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