The Circle of 13 by William Petrocelli

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William Petrocelli is the co-owner,  with his wife Elaine, of Book Passage in Corte Madera and San Francisco.

After years of hosting authors at book events and writing workshops, Bill decided to try his hand at fiction. The Circle of 13 is his new book. It’s a thriller that gets started with three gunshots and three dead bodies…all in under 10 pages!

And before we get to part one: 2082… catastrophic explosion hits the dedication ceremony of the new united nations in New York City…

Petrocelli introduces us to security director Julia Moro who is tasked with tracking down the leader of a long-disbanded international terrorist organization who’s been linked to bombing attempts and attacks on women, including the Women of Peace, an organization headed by 13 women who are risking their lives to restore world peace.

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