Colbie Caillat On ‘Hold On,’ A New Sound For Her, And Her Dropping In On Alice Events

(David Becker/Getty Images for NASCAR)

(David Becker/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Colbie Caillat’s new song “Hold On” is available tomorrow and it’s SO GREAT.

It’s kind of a new sound for her, less guitar and more keyboard, and it’s a perfect progression for her; she called me to talk about it (and about how she even played it for her family and friends to see if they thought it was “too different” – which it’s not, it’s freaking great.)

We talked “Hold On,” and writing with Ryan Tedder from One Republic, and then she casually mentioned that she’d gone to Now and Zen in September to see Ryan play! 

DUDE next time, let a girl know!!

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