The Commonwealth Club’s “Protecting Biodiversity” Series

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The Commonwealth Club of California is featuring a series of events  throughout August titled “Protecting Biodiversity.”

Mary Ellen Hannibal is the co-producer of the series. She discusses the importance of biodiversity, what happens when species go extinct, and she talks about some of the upcoming speakers, including the director of Wild Sanctuary, Dr. Bernie Krause, polar photographer Camille Seaman,  California Academy of Sciences scientists, speakers from Google earth, The Nature Conservancy’s lead scientist Heather Tallis, UC Berkeley’s Peter Gleick, Representatives of “Citizen Science,” and many more.

Hannibal is an author, activist and conservationist. She explains how the re-introduction of gray wolves to some of our national parks has helped the wild plants, the water systems, and the grizzly bears. Listen to her explanation to understand how everything in nature is connected.

She’s the author of The Spine of the Continent: The Race to Save America’s Last, Best Wilderness.

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