Phillip Phillips In-Studio With Jayn

Life On The Road With John Mayer, Fame, And The Royal Baby?
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Alice@97.3 Now & Zen Fest 2012 (Photo: Tim Jordan)
I love me some Phillip Phillips!

Some people say they try and stay down-to-Earth but he actually does, all through winning Idol and having one of the most successful post-show-track-records in the show’s history thus far.

He stopped into the studio (the day before opening for John Mayer at Shoreline) to talk about life on the road with John,  how his own listening-style has changed in the last couple of years (it’s not creepy, Phillip, really) and to turn me on to Fink.  Nice call Phillip thank you very much!

Check out our whole conversation – including his guilty DVD pleasures and his thoughts about Now and Zen last year – here:

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