Passenger Busking At Pier 39

Passenger Busking At Pier 39 (credit: Alice@97.3)

Passenger Busking At Pier 39 (credit: Alice@97.3)

We’ve been playing Passenger “Let Her Go” on Alice for awhile now because it’s one of those records that makes you stop in your tracks – it’s gorgeous and kind of haunting and means something different to just about every person who hears it… and a ton of people are hearing it these days!

The video just passed an insane 66 million views on YouTube, and the good folks at Shazam named it one of the Songs of the Summer for 2013 (between “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines”!! One of these things is not like the other….)

PHOTOS: Passenger Busking At Pier 39

So we were SO happy to hear that the day before Passenger played Slim’s in San Francisco, he wanted to busk somewhere in the City. All sorts of different locales were suggested, he chose Pier 39, and you gotta scroll below to see what happened:


“I See Love”

“Patient Love” & “Let Her Go”



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