Alice’s Summerthing 2013: Set Times

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Alice Summerthing - our annual FREE concert in Golden Gate Park - is...
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Summerthing 2013
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Ed Sheeran

Sara Bareilles

Ginny Blackmore

Finish Ticket

Sarah & Vinnie


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Ed Sheeran (Photo by Dan Curwin)

Ed Sheeran (Photo by Dan Curwin)

Alice’s Summerthing 2013 is coming Sunday June, 23rd in Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park! Now plan your day of FREE music in the park with the approximate set times.

Doors for the show open at 11:00a and all ages are welcome!

Approx. Set Times
Finish Ticket 12:10p
Ginny Blackmore 12:50p
Sara Bareilles 1:45p
Ed Sheeran 3:00p

For more frequently asked questions head over to the Summerthing FAQs page.

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