Huckleberry Youth Programs

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Huckleberry Youth Programs is a major community-based youth agency, providing a full spectrum of services to homeless, runaway, and other at-risk youth in San Francisco and Marin counties.

Huckleberry has a number of programs and services including Huckleberry House (a crisis shelter), counseling programs in San Francisco and Marin, Huckleberry Youth Multi-Service Center in San Francisco, Huckleberry Youth Programs in Marin, Huckleberry health Education Workshops in San Francisco and Marin, Health Career Training through the Huckleberry Wellness Academy, Delinquency Prevention through the Community Assessment & Referral Center, and Transitional Age Youth Services.

Bruce Fisher is the Executive Director of Huckleberry Youth Programs and Denise Coleman is the Director of Juvenile Justice Programs at Huckleberry.

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