‘Chasing Mavericks’ Star Jonny Weston In Studio

Jonny Weston is making his major motion picture debut in “Chasing Mavericks” … and as if that wasn’t daunting and intimidating enough, he’s making his debut playing Jay Moriarity.

I was honored to talk to Jonny about what that felt like, to play someone who we lost so tragically and so (relatively) recently. especially  filming in front of the people who knew and loved Jay the most.

Meeting Jonny was inspiring in and of itself – he’s such a beautiful person, inside and out – he clearly was meant to play this role and he clearly doesn’t take a moment of his part in this movie for granted.  His stories about meeting Jay’s family, and how they specifically provided inspiration during the filming,  will definitely get to you – as will the movie (out October 26) itself.

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jaynandjonny Chasing Mavericks Star Jonny Weston In Studio

‘Chasing Mavericks’ is in theaters on October 26th. www.livelikejay.com

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