Watch Hedley Live From Jayn’s Office

'Hedley' Live From Jayn's Office

Jayn & Hedley (credit: R. Del Rosario/Alice@97.3)

Live From Jayn's Office With 'Hedley'

Hedley & Jayn (credit: Alice@97.3)

SAN FRANCISCO (ALICE@97.3) – I’m clinically obsessed with Hedley’s “Kiss You Inside Out” and so naturally I had to lure the boys into my office to play it (and another track!) on my desk. Like, literally on my desk. They used printer cartridge boxes as the keyboard stand and stood in front of my couch… and destroyed. So insanely good! Not entirely safe for work (really) but it’s worth it babydoll.

Watch the video below to see ’em do
“Kiss You Inside Out” and “Invincible”!

(Warning: Material contains adult language. Discretion strongly advised)

Kiss You Inside Out” is available now on iTunes!

Special thanks to Ron Del Rosario for the kickass camera work ☺

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