Matchbox Twenty Discuss Alcohol & Song Writing

One of this year’s most anticipated album releases is going to be the return of Matchbox Twenty with North – their first studio album in almost a decade. Frontman Rob Thomas recently spoke with Marcus D about the writing process and alcohol as a catalyst for songwriting.

Thomas and the rest of the band spend time in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville crafting the music for the new album in a much different way then in past efforts.

“In the past I kinda wrote everything and brought it to the band.” Thomas said, “This is the first time it was more collaborative.”

Once they got a batch of “30 or 40” song ideas, the band rented a space in Nashville and spent a few months finding the direction of album.

“It really just us drinking ourselves into oblivion for three months. And fighting.”

Their drink of choice to find inspiration during the time?

“For us for some reason it was really just red wine.”

Rob went on to explain that wine as a creative catalyst was a double edged sword.

Thomas joked, “Funny cuz you start drinking and there is a creative point where you are drinking and it is like ‘wow this is amazing’ and you are feeling free and creative. And then at some point it switches and it’s over. Now we are just bumbling idiots with guitars.”

Matchbox Twenty’s new single “She’s So Mean” is out now and their album North drops on September 4th. Details at

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