EngenderHealth is a leading global reproductive health organization working to improve the quality of health care in more than 20 countries around the world. In partnership with governments and communities, they train local health professionals to provide high-quality services in maternal health, family planning, and HIV and AIDS. they also work to promote gender equality and to advocate for sound practices and policies that support sexual and reproductive health.

Pam Barnes is the CEO of EngenderHealth. She talks about the services and programs offered by her organization and explains why the health of people in far away lands is important to all of us as part of a global community.

EngenderHealth has a teen pregnancy prevention program in Austin, Texas. It’s a 5-year pilot program that’s going well and may expand out to other communities in the United States.

You can go online and plant a virtual flower, for free, that will help raise funds for EngenderHealth so they can continue their mission of helping those in need.

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