Wolf Gang’s Max McElligott On Opening For Coldplay – ‘I’m Waiting To Meet Gwyneth’

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Wolf Gang (Photo by Jay Tilles)

Wolf Gang (Photo by Jay Tilles)

As far as smells go, you’re like a seven out of ten,” says KROQ’s Styker sitting less than a foot from Max McElligott, Wolfgang’s frontman. “What’s a seven?” he asks… “If ten was mint, you’re a seven.”  “What’s that then in terms of sweets?” “That would be butterscotch,” explains Stryker. “Butterscotch.. I’d settle for that.”

The two sit just inches from each other on a couch under a canvas root, shading them, but not shielding them from the searing 107 degree Coachella Valley heat.

With two Coachella performances under their belt, the band’s next big feat is opening for Coldplay on one of the U.S. legs of their upcoming tour.

“Yeah yeah, in June and July in America…I know a guy that plays bass for Coldplay. I think we have a mutual friend and he had heard the music and he seemed to like it so he hustled really hard to get us on that tour.”

“It’s going to be incredible playing to like 20,000… 30,000 people. McElligott comments he hasn’t met the entire band yet. “I’m waiting to meet Gwyneth and eat some vegetarian food.”

Stryker jumps in, “You want to meet Gwyneth because you’re a vegetarian?” “No, I’m not. I want to eat a big steak right in front of her,” he says exercising his dry British sense of humor.

Wolf Gang’s new album Suego Faults on Atlantic Records is now available on iTunes.

–Jay Tilles, CBS Local

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