Christina Perri Talks Tattoos And “Twilight”

Alice @ 97.3 in San Francisco is the first station in the USA to have played not one, not two, but all three of Christina Perri‘s singles before any other radio station. As such, Jayn at Alice welcomed Christina back to the lounge and to her “radio home.”

One of the things, beyond her musical talent, that Christina Perri is known for is her plethora of tattoos. Of her over 50 tattoos, the singer told Alice@97.3/San Francisco that she is a “big dork when it comes to book tattoos.” Perri admitted that she has six tattoos from books including the word “bitten” in the Twilight font. Perri also has a tattoo to commemorate her recent career success. “I went from a waitress to a singer overnight – it kinda felt like Cinderella,” Perri remarked. “Me and my best friends got the word ‘karma’ on our sides…to put good karma out into the world, because it felt like all this crazy big stuff was happening.”

Perri also shared the story of how she ended up writing the hit song “A Thousand Years” for the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack. The movie studio initially approached her manager to offer a special screening of the film. Perri says she responded to the invitation with “some squeal noise that I’ve never made again.” After the screening, during which Perri said she cried the whole time, she immediately went home and wrote the song “A Thousand Years”. Four months later she received one of the most important phone calls of her career.

[Photos: Christina Perri in the Alice Lounge]

“They said to me, ‘We’ve chosen you for the soundtrack, we’ve chosen you for the single, you’re going to make a music video with clips from the movie, and you are going to go on tour with the cast. Is that cool?’ I died. I pretty sure I’m in life number 8 right now.”

Even with all her love and involvement with the Twilight saga, Christina said she has yet to meet star Robert Pattinson, but not because she hasn’t had the opportunity. Having been in the same room with the star a few times, she was always too nervous to approach him. Like many ladies on Team Edward, Perri feels, “I’m too in love with Edward Cullen to really meet Robert Pattinson.”

Bradford Hornsby – Alice@97.3/San Francisco

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