See Adam Lambert In The Alice Lounge

Alice’s proud to announce Adam Lambert live in the Alice Lounge on Wednesday, March 28 @ Infusion in San Francisco! This is a PRIVATE event that is invitation only … you only can win your way in with Alice.


  1. Listen to Sarah & Vinnie, Jayn, and Marcus D on Thursday (03.22), Friday (03.23) and Monday (03.26) for your cue to call.
  2. Listen to Alice all weekend (03.23 – 03.25) for chances to call in and win.
  3. Alice Rewards Members can score a passes in the Alice Catalog (supplies limited).

Winner names will be on the GUEST LIST the night of the lounge at Infusion. Doors open at 12PM, and the lounge is from 12PM – 2PM. You and your guest must be 21 or older to attend.  Not redeemable for cash. Retail value: $0.00. Not for resale. Infusion Lounge is located at 124 Ellis Street in San Francisco.

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  • Sue S.

    I am so excited that Adam is coming back to do this special Alice show! But I am confused about the time of the show–it says that the show is on the evening of Wednesday, March 28th, but the time is listed as 12 P.M to 2 P.M. Do you mean 12 A.M. to 2 A.M.?

  • Cheryl

    Hi I brought my boss to see Adam a couple of months ago- got the tickets from Vinnie- any chance to get tickets to this to see Adam for her- it is her B Day on Saturday — she would love it. She is in mad crazy love with him.


    707 328 5163

  • sizzling

    Keeping my fingers crossed to win tickets to finally get to meet Adam Lambert on March 28th. I am such a huge fan, but I have been unlucky so far. Honestly, at this point I am ready to make a complete fool out of myself to get to see him up close! I attended the Warfield show in 2010 and it was phenomenal!!! Thanks for bringing him back to San Francisco!!!

  • Sue S.

    To clarify, the Adam lounge show is an AFTERNOON show, from 12PM to 2PM.

    • Webmaster


  • DianaKat

    I’ve been listening 12 hours a day to Alice for the last few days, and dialing my fingers to the bone trying to win tickets to see Adam, but lines are always busy or I’m not the right # caller. I so want to get to see him. When will you let us know who wins the Facebook drawing? My finger, toes, and eyes crossed hoping to win.

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  • Kathleen

    Thank you Alice! I was there today and had one of the best times of my life! Was able to be front and center.. Chocolate milk anyone???

    • Sue S.

      Sorry, girlfriend, I’m trying to avoid dairy–haha! We had a blast in the Alice Lounge with Adam and Tommy on Wednesday! Thanks so much to Sarah, Vinnie, Jayn, Uzette, Icky, Hooman and all the Alice gang who kept us laughing and made sure we had a fabulous time. I think Adam had a great time too! All of Adam’s Bay Area fans really appreciate your support of this amazing artist!

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