Pinterest Becomes Popular Among Single Women Planning Dream Weddings

There’s a laundry list of social networks out there – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path – the list goes on and on. Pinterest is latest to explode, seemingly out of nowhere. While the photo sharing site modeled after a bulletin board launched back in 2010 it has become wildly popular in the last few months, especially with women. Turns out women really like sharing things they love on the internet. From fashion to interior design to photography, Pinterest serves as an online scrapbook or record book of things that spark one’s interest.

Pinterest has become more than just a way to pass the time. It’s actually serving a useful purpose for many who are planning major events like weddings. Pinterest can easily be used to keep track of the whole planning process.

As of late there’s been an interesting development when it comes to planning weddings. Turns out there are plenty of single women on Pinterest who are using the website to plan their “dream wedding” way before anyone actually pops the question.

From dresses to flower arrangements to rings, single women are mapping out every single detail they can think of. Some are even using these “dream wedding” plans to hint to their significant other that it’s time to take it to the next level.

It even gets a little crazier than that. You need a boyfriend to get married. Some of these single ladies don’t even have that when they plan their dream wedding. So what’s a girl on Pinterest to do? Pin various images of what they would want their boyfriend/future husband to look like, of course. If you don’t believe us, check out some examples below. Who said a girl can’t dream.

pinterest1 Pinterest Becomes Popular Among Single Women Planning Dream Weddings

pinterest2 Pinterest Becomes Popular Among Single Women Planning Dream Weddings

pinterest3 Pinterest Becomes Popular Among Single Women Planning Dream Weddings


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