Score Passes To Alice’s Christina Perri Lounge

Now in the Alice Catalog … score a pass for two to attend the private Alice Lounge with Christina Perri at Harlot in San Francisco!The intimate performance takes place on Thursday, March 15 @ Harlot in San Francisco from 5PM – 7PM. (Doors open at 5PM). Hurry … passes will go fast!

catalog385 Score Passes To Alices Christina Perri Lounge

  • kristin

    I wanna go!!!!

  • Jill

    OMG! What a fun night! We got to meet Christina and she couldn’t have been sweeter. Her beautiful songs made everyone cry! Jane, you are a rock star!
    Thanks Alice!

  • Joe Y

    It was so much fun! She is gorgeous and listening to her live was so amazing!

  • Joshelyn

    When/where will the pictures from the meet & greet be up?! :)

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