Man Accused Of Throwing Snacks At Fight Attendant Could Get Jail Time!

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Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

I’ve heard of tossing your COOKIES on an airplane, but your peanuts and pretzels too?  Apparently an argument between a passenger and flight attendant ended up in good old-fashioned pelting.  Now he could be off to jail for AWHILE.  Man, this story made my DAY…

This entire story is under the “allegedly” umbrella but here it is in a nutshell(I couldn’t resist).

Man on plane begins to use “electronic” cigarette.  For those of you who have never seen one of these things in action, it’s an electronic device that simulates the act of smoking with a mist instead of smoke.  If you have ever sat behind someone using one of them, while not smelly, they are still annoying as hell.

Flight attendant asks man to stop using device. They argue and he begins chucking peanuts and pretzels at her(really dude?). The plane begins to land and this same d-bag refuses to sit down even after being asked multiple times by the flight crew.  Instead, according to court records, he opts to start opening overhead compartments one by one. 

Man faces 20 years if convicted.  As well he should.  I mean, once the FBI gets involved, the hammer is coming down.  Check out the full story according to SF Gate.

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