Tim Lincecum’s Meal Of Champions

lincecum e1288736891659 Tim Lincecums Meal Of Champions

Tim Lincecum is a world champion so he eats like one. You’d think a strong athlete like that would be on a strict diet, but not Lincecum. He says he’s not “a big vegetable guy.” 

Tim Lincecum has a big appetite for such a skinny man. In just one sitting, he downs over 3,000 calories. That’s the recomended daily caloric intake of someone his height, weight, and activity level.

But what is one of his favorite places to pack on the calories?  In N’ Out of course! Here’s what he gets everytime he hits the drive-thru: Three Double-Doubles. Two fries. A chocolate-strawberry shake. Ketchup please, but hold the lettuce and tomatoes.

Woah.  It may not be healthy, but at least it’s tasty!

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  • http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2011/03/18/tim-lincecums-meal-of-champions/ Tim Lincecum’s Meal Of Champions « CBS San Francisco

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