Is A Triple-A Cup Necessary?

bra385 01 Is A Triple A Cup Necessary?
The worlds first triple-A cup bra is now on sale:

For some reason… and we just can’t figure it out… most of the stories we do about breasts focus on LARGE BREASTS. Well… this story is the ABSOLUTE opposite.

A company called Lula Lu has started selling the first triple-A cup bras in the U.S. Until now, double-A cups were the smallest. (To picture a woman with triple-A breast, think about the love child of GWEN STEFANI and a surfboard.)

A bra’s cup size is based on the difference in size between  a measurement right under the woman’s breast, like 32 or 36 or 40 inches… and a measurement around the fullest part of her breasts.

For a triple-A cup, the difference between a woman’s torso and her torso-plus- breasts would have to be less than four inches. (So a 32AAA would be a woman with a 32-inch torso and, say, 35 inches around her breasts.)

There haven’t been any other triple-A cup bras in the U.S. because women with such small breasts don’t really NEED  to wear a bra for support. is a women’s fashion and sex blog. Their editors think the bras might be, quote “another ploy to get money out of women by trying to make them feel like they aren’t feminine enough unless they buy this totally unnecessary item.”

The bras sell from $46 to $56. Right now, it looks like they’re only available at Lula Lu’s  actual store in San Mateo, California. So even thought they did this huge press push about the bra, their online store hasn’t been updated to include them.

(Jezebel/ Lula Lu)


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