Four Reasons Men Won’t Apologize

suit385 Four Reasons Men Wont ApologizeAdmit it, guys. Sometimes you won’t apologize even when you KNOW you’re wrong. But it’s NOT just because you’re stubborn: Here are four reasons it’s hard for men to say they’re sorry…

1) IT MAKES THEM FEEL WEAK. Most guys try to avoid looking weak, especially in front of women.  And deep down, some guys think that asking for forgiveness is a sign of weakness. So it hurts their ego to say they’re sorry.

2) MEN WOULD RATHER *PROVE* THEY’RE SORRY THAN *SAY* THEY’RE SORRY. It’s easier for guys to SHOW  how sorry they are with flowers or jewelry.

And some guys might try to WORK off their apology, by doing the dishes or cleaning  the bathroom without being asked.

3) THEY’RE TRYING TO AVOID A FIGHT. sometimes women are more interested in teaching their guy a LESSON than just accepting his apology and moving on. So they try to hammer home WHY the guy should be sorry.

The thing is, it’s already hard for men to apologize. So the prospect of having to say they’re sorry THEN get yelled at for it isn’t very appealing.

4) MEN JUST LIKE BEING RIGHT. Most guys think they’re right 99% of the time. Just to be clear, that’s WAY off. But guys won’t say they’re sorry because… in their minds… their number might go down to 98%.



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