Welcome to the New Radioalice.com

radioalice Welcome to the New Radioalice.com

Sorry :( … The link/page you are trying to access no longer exists.

We’ve relaunched www.Radioalice.com with a new streamlined look and features!

Click here to go to the new Homepage

Check out the new and improved Photo Galleries and Video Page … plus you’ll still have all the great online content you have come to love from Alice and Sarah & Vinnie!


Sarah and Vinnie Full Show (includes Lost 30 Minutes):
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Sarah and Vinnie Secret Show:
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Alice Lounge Performances and Interviews:
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If you have any questions, comments, or cannot find the content you are looking for …  let us know either in the comment section on this page or shoot us an email at webmaster@radioalice.com

  • cindy

    where is the sarah and vinnie button?

    • Webmaster

      On the homepage (left column) or click “On-Air”.

  • Rich

    You may already be aware, but the .Mac mobile podcast reader wasn’t able to access the Secret Show content today (reader.mac.com/mobile). Thx.

  • sandra love

    please we all liked the other format better, this one we cannot even get our podcasts. Not an improvement at all

  • Elyse

    The new format looks great!! It’ll just take people a while to get used to the change. I’m excited to explore the site!

  • marshall

    Wow, all I need is the pod cast. Where is it?
    So, at this point not really an improvement.

  • Sam

    i cant find where i am am suppose to get podcast on my itunes again… this website isnt very user friendly,,,

    • Webmaster

      There is currently no way to subscribe through iTunes. You can still download the MP3s and add them. The subscription service will be available in the next few weeks.

      • J

        how do I add the downloads to my i-tunes???

      • Webmaster

        Download to a location on your computer
        in iTunes go to File -> Add to Library (or Ctrl+O)
        Select the file(s) you just downloaded and this will add them to your library of Music.
        They will now show up in your Library -> Music (not podcasts)
        Select them to sync to your device of choice – iPod, iPhone, etc.

  • Ann

    Hi there. Just some feedback – you misspelled ‘online’ in the second paragraph above. Also, in the third paragraph, I’m not sure, but I think you mean ‘cannot’ where you’ve got ‘kind’. Thanks!

    • J

      Ann, you really need to get a life. Pointing out spelling error? Really?

  • Ann Marie

    This is difficult to use- I liked having all my options on the home page as before- I can’t find where to even register to get podcast and the search button no help at all…..

    • Webmaster

      Currently you can’t register or subscribe for podcasts. That feature is in development.

  • wayne

    I was looking for information regarding the Alice 3 minute Film Festival? Is that still happening? Where do I submit and when is the deadline?

    • Webmaster

      The 3-Minute Film Festival has been cancelled this year.

  • wayne

    Alice’s 3-Minute Film Festival ?? What the latest ?

    • wayne

      AND TO all OF YOU who spent time and money producing, formating , calling , sending, shipping Your movies to us… we say…….?.

    • Webmaster

      The 3-Minute Film Festival has been canceled this year.

  • Anna

    And BTW the new website sucks too! Bring back the old one and fire whoever got paid to do this crap

  • araseli

    I am really glad you guys decided to re-launch the website it looks great!!!… I only have 1 question… once you get caught up will you have a special page dedicated to all the podcasts instead of posting them in the blogs?.. some of us REALLY only listen to S&V

  • Mary

    Where do we go to see the live-streaming that they mention on air?

    • Webmaster

      Click on the “looking Glass” link on the homepage or in the Sarah and Vinnie section.

  • JC

    Looking glass, Where is it?

    • Webmaster

      Click on the Looking Glass link on the homepage or on Sarah and Vinnie page.

  • Sammi

    Where is Sarah and Vinnies blog they said they would post picks this a.m. regarding ice skating and can’t find it?

    • Webmaster

      Click “On Air” and then “Sarah and Vinnie” to see all their posts.

      • Helen

        It just brings you to the “Sarah and Vinnie” page, and there’s pretty much nothing in there except for their Podcasts. There’s none of the posts they said they’ll put up on their blog.

        Also how do I find information on the Karaoke contest? It is not on the contest or events tabs.

      • Webmaster

        Not sure what they promised to post and didn’t but you can see all their post on their show page (On-Air then Sarah & Vinnie) http://radioalice.radio.com/shows/sarah-and-vinnie/. For info on Saraoke click on the link on the homepage – it’s in the 4 featured items.

  • michael

    Where can i find the Jason Mraz “The Remedy” played live on this station? I heard it once and want to hear again.

    • Webmaster

      Unfortunately, we only have permission to play that on-air (which happens time to time) but we not given permission to make it available on demand.

  • Trixie

    How do you request a song by email? Can’t find.

    • Webmaster

      Requests@radioalice.com to request a song. Or you can email the on air DJ directly … click on Contact Us to get all the emails.

  • Marce

    Really, you can’t get the podcasts on itunes for HOW LONG? Alice is a big station in one of the most prominent cities in the country and you can’t figure out how to put podcasts on itunes? There are tons of unemployed techs in SF…find one that can please. I’m so bummed:-(

    • Webmaster

      They will be back in the next few weeks.

  • susan hebert

    how do i get the secret show podcast?

  • Ivan Z

    I just wanted to mention that I think Vinny is a big puss for mentioning this morning that he could not stand to look at Roger Ebert. Show some compassion for people that do not look like the so called ” normal” people on this earth. P.S. your show totally sucks and I only listen to it because it is the only thing that comes in on my commute to work. :)

  • Clement Samson

    Why we can’t listen live Alice? Before the relaunched of the website it was possible. And now we can’t. Your music miss us because we love it. We are Canadians and your station is our favorite station.

    • Webmaster

      Has nothing to do with the relaunch. Unfortunately, due to new international copyright laws we can not stream the station outside of the U.S.

  • Annette

    Webmaster, a couple of thoughts. This fore-page is a bit misleading, since this is the page that opens from external links. I thought THIS was the homepage until I clicked the “home” tab. :o)
    Perhaps a clear indicator that this is simply a welcome page, and “click here” to see the Home page, AND another indicator/disclaimer to view your beautiful new website, AND due to circumstances ‘beyond your control’ etc., the podcasts will soon be available through iTUNES.
    It just seems that a little communication/information up front would alleviate some of the grumbling comments and frustration with finding things.
    Thanks for new site!

    • Webmaster

      Thanks for the feedback … I’ll add some of that in today.

  • Isabella

    Dear Webmaster: Here is a suggestion on how to listen to the podcasts through iPhones, without saving to the phone’s iTunes folder:

    to play on iphone, IF you have web access, go through Google, then radioalice.radio.com/tag/secrect-show/ (I suggest to bookmark this page on your iPhone)
    then click on the title: PODCAST Secrect Show ‘Date’ (suggestion to the web master to make this a lot more user-friendly, place your Click to Download icon here!)
    then scroll down to “Click Here to download”

    This will not be saved to your podcast folder but can be heard as it plays through the web. Not the easiest but at least I can now listen to the Secret Shows while I’m at the gym. I cannot always listen while in the car because ATT sucks.

    • Jana

      amen to THAT!

  • Jana

    week 5, still no podcasts…. really guys? REALLY? Its that difficult? people are getting annoyed..

  • Haley Bergin

    hey i entered the contest, i send in two films i was wondering, can you tell me why it was cancelled and what i should about the contest. will my films still be in the running when the contest returns?

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